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FREE Resources For Living on Saturday, August 15, 2020, at Unity 2929, Unity Dr., Houston, TX 77057, U.S.A. Services: Health Screening (Blood Pressure/Glucose) Vision Screening Dental Screening Legal (i.e. immigration) Library Banking/Credit Counseling Mammogram Nutritional Counseling Let us know about your needs by filling out this form, please. This initiative is to change our approach to health in this nation. Since its first launch, we have provided services to ~1000 adults and children. We aim to create a "One Stop Shop Model For Health & Well Being". If we continue to approach health and health inequities as we've always done then we will receive the same outcomes. A recent American Cancer Society report stated that the underserved populations of this nation continue to experience significant declines. "This is a damning statement about disparities in American society and our healthcare system," said Dr. Otis Brawley. A true paradigm shift is needed. Join us! Volunteers are welcome. Contact: Watch the video: #DrLovellJones #UnityHoustonOrg #SDOH #SocialDeterminantsOfHealth #healthequity #DrDoRo #transformhealth #healthcaresystem #DrDoRoInstitute #UnityInTheCommunity

  • Date: 08/15/2020 09:00 - 08/15/2020 15:00
  • Location 2929 Unity Dr, Houston, TX 77057, USA (Map)


The overall HEALTH of a community – and its people – is dependent on a number of social, political, economic, and environmental conditions known broadly as SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH (SDOH). These are conditions of daily life that affect the health and well being of groups of people. Such factors support or limit the health of a community or a population. Health disparities or inequalities occur when there are differences in conditions—where people are born, live, work, and play—across different groups.

The establishment of a major Wrap-Around Initiative (GROW Unity - Resources For Living) to improve the overall Health and Wellness of a community by addressing both health and the key determinants of health (with a special health promotion component that utilizes unique messaging and education that motivates to parties to action).

To achieve the vision of reducing/eliminating will require full utilizing a "Biopsychosocial (Holistic) Approach. A whole community approach in which different sectors—health, education, housing, labor, justice, transportation, agriculture, and the environment—all work together to assure conditions for health. To be successful, this approach requires changes at the levels of individuals, relationships, communities, and broader systems. It requires environmental, economic, and policy strategies along with individual behavioral change and health services. This approach also requires developing partnerships among different groups including public health, community organizations, education, government, business, criminal justice, labor, civil society, Faith-Based Leadership, etc. cation, government, business, criminal justice, labor, civil society, Faith-Based Leadership, etc.

Resources For Living is a Biopsychosocial (Holistic) Approach to addressing health and health inequities. A Biopsychosocial Approach acknowledges all possible influences that might affect health and quality of life, both positive and negative. It is the understanding that health cannot be addressed as a single issue. It takes into account other factors that influence the perceived need for health care and the attention to health concerns: Housing, Education, Economics, Co-morbidities, and other existing diseases/illnesses, adequate access or lack. This short documentary provides a visual overview of the efforts of the Resources For Living (RFL) Initiative to address all of these issues and more at one time and in one place. G (GROWING), R (RESOURCES), O (ONENESS) for W (WELLNESS) in Unity. is what the RFL Initiative so unique.

via Prof. Dr. Lovell Allan Jones at the Health Disparities, Education, Awareness Research & Training Consortium


Rev. Michael Gott at UnityOfHouston